September 21-22, 2012

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Baird, Dane
Matriculated to Boston College -- arriving in August, 1962, Played Freshman football and later cut (quickly) by new basketball Bob Cousy. The coaching was horrendous and cracking books at 5:00AM was worse. Graduated in 1966 after being permanently banned from the dormitories due to a missing cement block wall between our room and next door. Rejected for the draft by virtue of bad ankles and being 'too tall and surely an easy target'.

University of Pittsburgh, MBA, 1967. Graduated following a tempestuous year -- two year program in three trimesters. Temporarily recruited by US government as an analyst and placed in the international division of a US company. Following that commitment and a broken engagement, I joined Metropolitan Life. Assigned to Middletown, Connecticut, -- midst a New England snow storm,  I attempted to pick up a 37 year 'nooner' candidate. She had two graduate school roommates, one of which, Joella Altobello became my 'mate' for life. Marrying the right girl was the single, most important life's decision  Metropolitan kept promoting me to the top of the Boston operation. Bored, having worked for two consecutive card carrying crazies, and facing a promotion to New York --  I left in 1982. Three great children (1971,1975,1976) and two homes -- Boston (36 years) and Hilton Head - became spiritual and fiscal obligations.

Following participation in several oil/gas wells in Appalachia I initiated a new dimension of practice, moving natural gas from the wellhead to the corporate burner tip. Clients included PPG, Kraft and a variety of industrial and large commercial burners. Just south of Pittsburgh the interstate pipelines collide: I soon began to build a pipeline for Guardian Glass up the Mon. Generous Randy Russell fortunately sponsored me for the civility of the Duquesne Club which saved this migrant soul from hotel malaise of a thousand deadly traveling nights. Decisions have consequences; I was not spared the venomous attack of a duplicitous utility.

Sued in every legal forum in Pennsylvania by Equitable Gas for bypassing their system, my attorney called and asked me to leave the Country. Equitable had retained six attorneys; Baird had one. In a civil proceeding the process was suspended by travel.

Over the next 12-14 years I worked partially overseas for clients and government. Venues concentrated on work at Cambridge and Oxford Universities, London and Washington. The intelligence and military communities modestly adopted skills and instincts honed by coaches George Rogers, Art Betts and Tom Picunas. Life became fraught with adventure -- tactical, strategic and surprise energy issues. This concentration continues with prospects of creating a Florida based Institute concerning same.

Key Turning Points of Life:

Edgewood High, its Students and Coaches
Boston College, Catholicism and Guardian Angels
Marriage to Joella and Great Children
Litigation forcing me to International Forums
Love of my Parents, Family and Country

My respect and love for each of you.Booked hotel and planes.

Go Vikings!